Lift the blanket of fatigue! By Salma Basharat

"I am tired". This is a common complaint among the youngsters, middle aged, elderly and even children. Feeling drained or ...
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Boredom: Saba Parvaiz

We associate our life living with doing we even don’t know how to sit still. We feel guilty when we ...
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Sharpen Your Memory…. (I) By Fawad Aly

Since ancient time, people have been fascinated by memory. Before the quick availability of modern technologies, a good memory was ...
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Postpartum Onset: Shumaila Batool

Do you know what are the reasons behind irritability, anger, sadness weeping spells, negligence about the up bring of neonate ...
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Accepting What We Cannot Change -The Power of Acceptance: Darlene Lancer

Accepting reality enables us to live in reality. What does this mean? When life pleases us and flows in accordance ...
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The Power of Self Worth: Fawad Aly Shah

Why do so many of us believe that they are of such little value-the belief that causes more misery than ...
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