Overcoming Post Holiday Blues By Talal Zubair

Almost everyone who enjoys short or long holidays is subject to what is commonly known as the post-holiday blues, a ...
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Do you suspect your son/ daughter is drugging/ drinking? Whats the big deal By Nadeem Noor

You may not have thought in your wildest dreams that your teenager thinks about drugs such as marijuana, but the ...
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Weight Management; A life style change By Talal Zubair

Achieving your right weight is a long term approach towards a healthy life style. It is a balance of mindful ...
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Loneliness By Muhammad Sagir

Loneliness Loneliness is a universal human emotion which is unique but complex state of mind caused by different factors. It is ...
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Early intervention in Addiction / Alcoholism By Nadeem Noor

The revelation that the child may be involved with alcohol & other drugs can be a terrifying prospect for any ...
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The colored glasses of paradigms

A paradigm is a model of understanding consistently free of significant contradictions. It guides our expectations and helps us to ...
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