Adults are also humans because they have one’s actions, reasoning mind and are deliberate about their behaviors and emotions. We can call this drowsy, with more energy and deliberative process.
A double reasoning struggle to addiction

To learn about primary and secondary action we have to learn how they take place and work in different ways. The primary actions are quick, answers to rising and falling needs, reacts by combinations, behavior based and responds quickly within seconds or minutes. Secondary actions on the other hand are more energy consuming, works on a large scale, expresses arguments, reasons and works with a large time and slowly within hours, days, weeks and even months or years. Such as, a piece of cake, the secondary actions think about the coming months and thinks about their health and thus come to a decision of not eating it. But, primary actions doesn’t care or wait and eats it.
Addiction a primary action which overcomes secondary action with superior strength

By having a simple knowledge we are now in an improved position of understanding the addiction. Addiction is a position by which primary actions are overcoming secondary actions. Addictive things hit the pleasure system for at least a short time and rewards of pleasure happens, A cigarette , the high after few drinks, the flow of cocaine high, the smooth and pleasure effect of opioid use, all of this is a part of craving for primary actions.

People differ in a large number in condition of what is happened and why. But, the necessary forming quality of addiction when primary actions are so demanding that it cannot control according to goods and reasonable decision making. And thus, it expands in a way that it has inappropriate results, and individual and other happenings of people clash with each other and have stress about it. The overthrowing of secondary actions by primary actions means that when an addict talks about how he cannot control it and takes action for his cravings. This study grants us to back to the question of whether an addiction is a disease or not? Normally speaking, addiction is not form of disease by which other forms are developed because mostly, there isn’t a defect in brain biology. Actual diseases like heart diseases and cancer has biological defects and are considered dangerous. Thus, in that situations there are crucial differences in brain, mostly in drugs like opioids and usually it’s a thing which is not managed by the secondary person part of the brain. Its fact has an evidence that most of the opioid addicts needs assistance of medicines in treatment.

So, Addiction is a strong, full of problems nature which triggers primary actions in a way that it rejects the authority of secondary actions. So, to advance the arrangement of systematic changes in different levels for example primary movement awakening states, biological and physical management, purposeful self-talking and general help and other pathways for useful investment are required.

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