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What is deja vu and how do I recognize and use it in my life. "Deja ...
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Feening for a technology fix!

Technology - The midnight snack that consumes you! Imagine this, you wake up in the middle ...
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Confessions of a Smartphone Junkie

Protecting our “humanware” by changing our smartphone behavior I AM A SMARTPHONE JUNKIE. I am not ...
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Being “Sober” Versus Being in “Recovery”

What’s the difference between being “sober” versus being in “recovery”? There is an important distinction between ...
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Social Media Addiction: Engage Brain Before Believing

Are we addicted to social media or to headlines that make good copy? When you see ...
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Ways to Slow Down without TV

TV is not the root of all evil. For kids, it might be. A recent joint study(link ...
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