There is a group of people whose thinking is based on dogmatism; means their thinking patterns are rigid and stubborn in nature. Their minds do not welcome the new and various facts on the basis of which they can make best of the best decisions and enhance the quality of their lives. They love to live in a rut and lead quite fixated lives. It is difficulty to find out anything new in their lives. They rely on conventional thinking much, make the judgment of the life circumstances on the basis of old and persistent perceptions, and repeat their similar actions in different situation regardless of the differentness of the situation.


While making any decision of life, one needs to gather all sorts of supporting data and get in touch with some reliable sources which can provide with the supportive evidences for or against the decision. Doing this leads to open up the wisdom box and makes the person utilize his complete mental strength in order to establish an effective decision for the situation in hand. But at times people despite all their efforts, they experience a psychological process called Cognitive Dissonance.

Both, cognitive dissonance and Dogmatism lead to great deal of dis-satisfaction in over all life. These psychological difficulties make the life suffer with agony and pain and the person does not enjoy any results occurred after his full blown efforts he has put in some situation. The situation can be best understood with the help of example of buying new car. For instance Ahmad wants to buy a car of model 2015. But the brand new car he can afford on lease which he does not want and other option is of a reconditioned car but of an old model within his budget. Both choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. For him leasing is undesirable but a new car is desirable and in the second option, price within budget is desirable but old model is undesirable. Here he can get in to the trap of cognitive dissonance as both choices are conflicting and may cause discomfort for him. In order to resolve his conflict he can go for another third option like car of any other company, of the same year model and within the budget. For this he can approach some car dealer or surf on the net to get more and more options. But if Ahmad has his own set pattern of thoughts and has decided to swing between only two options, he is facing dogmatism. And after taking the decision he may defend his decision as he has already made up his mind.

Seeking the third alternative also shows a person’s courage to accept his limited knowledge and promotes another very wise behavior that is of seeking help. It further shows that a person is stepping out of his comfort zone and stepping into courage zone. Seeking the support from the reliable sources sharpens the wisdom and make the person capable enough to take the wise decision. Thus he can be able to break the dogmatic style of thinking.




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