There are certain steps through which we can have better and more choices in order to make better decisions and letting us free from the dilemma of choices.


1. Identify the problems, available opportunities and latest trends.
People who are always reluctant in making the decision, they have a major problem, that is, after making a decision, they are open to the possibility of criticism that they have made a wrong decision or their choices were not right. They don’t feel confident over their own decision and make the justifications of their decisions. They keep on negating the fact that they had other options too and they could consult any reliable person. this can be best handled by exactly identifying the problem in hand , naming it clearly, looking for all available opportunities and resources that can facilitate and promote better decision and being open for the new and latest trends to resolve the issue. By doing so, the decision maker gets the confidence, his self esteem gets nourished and for the future he is ready to make fruitful and easily acceptable decisions.

2. Look at least three possible solutions before you make any decision.
People usually narrow their thinking while designing any decision to one or maximum to two alternatives. It is recommended that they should have at least three alternatives. By having abundance of alternatives people can have different perspectives to look at one single situation, getting out of the fixations and making a sound decision. Further it has been noticed that, when a person has more than two alternatives, his thinking becomes sharper and he enjoys the process of announcing the decision.

3. Stretch yourself while gathering the data.
It is highly helpful and appreciated that while gathering the data before making any decision, if you stretch your efforts more that the limited information that is readily available and within access. Many a times it has been taken into account that if a person go to an extra mile while gathering the supportive data, his horizons of information are open in broad spectrum. By doing so, he not rely on the limited information available in hand but approaches to more alternatives and start viewing the problem through different angels.

4. Inspiration really works.
People often think that good decisions rely only on facts and data, but the human facet of motivation can favorably persuade the success of almost any decision we make. One of the big keys to making a decision successful is the ability to get others excited and motivated to implement the alternative you choose.

By inculcating the above four methods in the process of making a solid and encouraging decision, we can easily get rid if cognitive dissonance and dogmatism. This will lead to more serenity of mind, connectivity with the surroundings, broaden our spectrum of thinking and finally avoiding the dilemma of bad choices.


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