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Three vital behaviors to adopt when your child bullies you – the do’s of parenting

An article written by Amna Nawaz:  Raising a child never has been an easy task, especially in today’s modern world. With an ...

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When parents beat their kids – the AFTERMATH

An article written by Amna Nawaz: In the initial years of life, a child’s world solely revolves around his parents or the ...

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Managing Potential Triggers in Bipolar Disorder

An article written by Amna Nawaz: The term "Bipolar" refers to two major physiological and psychological states of mania and depression. It ...

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Emotional Intelligence and Recovery

Emotional Intelligence Concept. White Button on Blue Background in Flat Design Style.There are certain skills that are required for the ...

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What are Anxiety Disorders?

Life is full of challenges and brings various challenging situations. It is quite normal to get nervous in challenging situations ...

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On Loving What We Do

Some people spend their entire life in searching something that offers both passion and purpose simultaneously. Sometimes, after gaining significant ...

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How to Eliminate Fear from Children

Fear is something which is quite common in everyone but what varies is the degree of fear. It is the ...

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How to Deal with Emotions

Emotions play a very critical role in our life, our dealing with life’s challenges, relationship management and overall wellbeing. Emotions ...

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