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The world’s healthiest people don’t go to the gym

Ask us to skip the gym and we will do it without any hesitation and with a list of never-ending ...

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(عادتیں اور عِلتیں: کیسے بدلیں؟ (تحریر: ڈاکٹر صداقت علی

آج صبح اٹھنے کے فوراً بعد آپ نے کیا کیا؟ کیا باتھ روم گئے؟ برش کیا؟ نہا کر تیار ہوئے؟ گھر واپسی پر پائجاما ...

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Alcohol in the Human Body: An Odyssey!

from the desk of Dr. Sadaqat Ali: Unlike anything else we eat, alcohol is absorbed differently, is eliminated differently and affects us ...

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