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Addressing Behavior to Treat Youth Obesity

Researchers discussed the behavioral prevention of obesity in bipolar disorder. They indicated that being overweight with a BMI greater than 30 ...

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Personality Traits Can Predict From Childhood Predisposition To Alcohol Abuse

A longitudinal research discovered that personality traits of a child under 12 years can predict predisposition to alcohol abuse ...

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Childhood Trauma Linked To

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have found that children who have experienced severe trauma are three times as ...

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Children With High IQ More Likely To Subsequently Use Illegal Drugs

According to a Cohort Study, high IQ in childhood can be associated to illegal drug use later in life. ...

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Teens Getting Drunk On Liquid Hand Sanitizers

Emergency rooms in various hospitals are reporting a growing number of teenagers coming in drunk after drinking cheap liquid hand ...

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7 Skills You Need To Develop To Manage Your Diabetes

When you are first diagnosed with diabetes, it is often overwhelming. There is so much you need to know and ...

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