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Arslan Saleem:

People nowadays, have very unhealthy food habits and it is very difficult to change these habits. Mostly all of us, can switch our eating depending on our quantity, timings and varieties, but we cannot do it for long time, we switch to our old eating patterns in very short time period.

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Editor: Sabtain Mustafa

Switching for a short time is a very simple and easy task, but changing unhealthy habits to healthy eating habits completely is very hard for a person to do and then maintaining it is even harder. But, surely it’s not impossible. Many people try and give up. Don’t let it affect you. Keep trying and you’ll surely achieve it.

The question arises, why changing harmful eating is so hard? It’s very hard and complicated and it is linked with a human’s brain trying to get through and if you change your habitual eating to healthy diet it can surely make a person healthier. Changing habits because you’re gaining weight, is not the point.

It’s not only for obese people it’s also for people who are fit. Don’t forget an obese worse was once a fit person too. You don’t know when and how and where you change your mind and start eating unhealthy food. Developing taste for new food is surely difficult there is no doubt in that. But, once you develop it you can easily go with the flow and being healthy also leads to a long life.

A long search for getting through

Our brain deep down has a long search for getting through. Eating is the source of our continuity and it means survival. A person should know that what kind of food he can eat, what is suitable and what is not suitable for him. It means if you don’t manage your eating habits unlimitedly your security is at a great risk and danger arises.

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