Rats are mostly the most common subject animal for experimentation and the study shows that researchers make rats addicted to heroin, cocaine or crystal meth and sees how much they get excited when the drug comes and after some days they stop giving drugs to see how much it affected them, the rats start sitting in a corner and doesn’t even eat the food they are given when the drugs are cut off, It shows that they are craving for more drugs and after the withdrawal time is over they are given something linked with drugs something they have association with and it is shown that they now eat food after drugs. There craving does not decrease it only keeps increasing.

The study shows that craving always starts with a hint, after the hint is given it can be a sound or a light or sight, it triggers the cravings which tells them to go for it.

Once a researcher performed experiment on a dog. He used to ring a bell and bring food for the dog, he continued it for few days, every time he rang the bell the dog knew that he’s bringing food and he used to start producing saliva, he got used to it, some days later the researcher rang the bell but didn’t brought the food, it was shown that the dog produced saliva even when he didn’t brought the food. It clearly shows that craving starts with a trigger and because of overthinking of some you desire.

The cravings stay their sometimes for a short time but, sometimes longer than we can think of, but it doesn’t stay for lifetime sooner or later it goes and we learn to manage it. Cravings might arrive shortly after leaving something or as soon as you stop doing what you crave for. For example, what makes a rat defenseless to cravings? The answer is amygdala it is the main source because, it notes and registers emotional understandings. No matter what the emotion is, it might be shame, fear, anger the amygdala increases its light. Then after sometime nucleus accumbens plays it part. It is the unit of the brain which produces compulsion to go after the target and gives you the feeling of actually wanting something.

Craving is a response that we’ve been well known and learned about. And, when you like something and you felt pleasure after having it and you know it’s available you’ll go after it surely. For example. Rats who have high sugar diet will surely give different behaviors if they stop getting it, so it’s not all about drugs it can be anything.

But, a human has a whole level of different issues, you might get to see different things which reminds you of your cravings it can be image on a TV, it can be email, it can be anything. And, when you stop having what you crave for, you start feeling an emptiness with the start of a day, thinking that nothing matches with the thing you are craving for. There are some points which we can do to stop it.

1.Don’t ruminate about that thing, as soon as you get that thinking divert your mind and think of something else you like.
2. Keep yourself busy in other things and activities so, you don’t get the time to ruminate about your cravings.

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