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Arslan Saleem:

Nowadays, drugs and alcohol have become very common. Many people justify it by giving solid reasons, but these days’ people are using it to get pleasure, having thrill and it’s increasing day by day. People who justify it needs quick fix of their moods and thus starts using drugs. Some of them are users, some are abusers and some are addict. It all starts with their curiosity and exploring new things and once they try it, they start using it more frequently. People are in danger of drug use and addiction. This all starts from different reasons for example genes, family history, psychological circumstances, and acceptable reason in society. These circumstances provoke them to use drugs even if it affects them in future. This danger for a person is not because of any other person, many people are not addicts only a drug abuser.

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Editor: Sabtain Mustafa

Reasons are:-

Influence of Genes:Some people have high tendency to get addicted because of their family history. When a child sees his parents or anyone in their family, they start getting curious and want to know why his family members use it. In some cases, His family may have quitted but the tendency remains. Sooner or later, He/She might use it. Compared to other people, people who have history are more likely to get addicted. A person’s reason to contract in an action compared to the other is a pattern of their genes and their history. The intercommunication between genes and community surroundings may help in finding the reason why some people goes in addiction and some not. Such as, An alcoholic child with compulsions of genes are in more danger for getting alcohol problems in coming future, and many such children show symptoms of it.

Cultural beliefs: In society drug and alcohol use are getting common day by day. The rate that a person combines to drugs is because of the society he lives in. Such as, Students uses more alcohol in their institutions that have more use in society, less liquor control management and easy access of liquor with low prices by bars and stores. Acceptable rules help in the cause of acceptable drinking and the amount of alcohol used. Enabling because of such reasons are the main reason of increasing alcohol use. In some societies, who have high use of alcohol the minors in that societies start drinking from a very young age. Societies shouldn’t enable them, instead they should increase taxes to lower the rate of alcohol.

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