Some people stop eating when they are on a diet, diet does not mean to starve yourself and stop eating. It means to manage your diet, stop eating unhealthy food, start exercising and walk. Some people starve themselves and stop eating at all. And, because they starve they eat more in one time and it greatly effects your health and gaining weight is more likely to happen.

Life time dieting can be a source of food uncertainty. If you are raised with a parent or a guardian who tried to manage your eating or if you were responsible for your regular dieting habits, you will automatically feel at risk when you try to switch from your eating behavior. If a person is facing problems in changing their food habits, they can take time. They can slowly switch it by changing one meal at a time. After he develops taste for healthy food, he can switch it later.

Loving food

Food is also associated with your emotions. Some people, get cranky, aggressive and even start getting irritated when they are hungry. Our behaviors of eating are also linked with the reward passage in our brain. When a person eats the kind of food he likes, he gets pleasure from it. This pleasure is the main reason a person don’t want to change his food habits. Not only the reward of satisfaction and comfort but it also have a relation, affection and love for food. Eating is not only eating to some people it has a great association to some people. If a person really likes to eat a lot and don’t want to gain weight he should manage his life style by exercising, walk and eating less fattening things. If he eats more calories he should burn more calories than he ate.

A theory tells that a habitual explanation that is helping awareness, bonding, communication and relations is a small way which keeps people to relax and calm down. When relations are affected, people substitute to food.

Through relation of physical senses and controlling the changing of facial expressions, sensible eating and social communication gives you a calm, relaxing and secure feeling. So, if anyone considers food as their friend or lover they are trying to improve their nervous system.

Use reasonable part of brain

As humans, we have a superior brain with the strength to organize, arrange, strategize and judge and witness all benefits and results. Most of our diet arrangements and ambitions for switching harmful eating behaviors is when you are feeling relaxed and without any burden or when you have any junk food in your hand. When you are distressed and are irritated we surrender to our normal brain and long search for safety is neglected by our brain.
A person shouldn’t give up. There are useful methods to help with food uncertainty, giving up bad eating habits, and change the rewards gained by pleasure.

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