Learn to manage your stress effectively . Don’t take refuge in food .


Learn to develop healthy eating , learn to have food in social settings sensibly . I mean you can go for BBQ & salads instead of birayni qorma type items while attending social gatherings . Learn to make smart choices . Pick less with less caloric content . Portion control is very important too . Never go for second serving .


Develop the habit of exercising regularly atleast 5 days a week . Your work out should be for 30 minutes daily at least .( I m talking about beginners , later you may increase this time ). Any type of exercise you like can be the best as long as you can do it persistently .


Never feel sad or deprived. You have to work on your cognitions too . Dont feel gloomy, that you can’t enjoy your favourite foods . Instead of thinking this way you should develop a positive thinking pattern that ” I am strong , i have control over my mind & taste buds , i love myself , i want to live a healthy life , I want to look good , I ‘ll never let my taste buds win over my mind ” . Remember gratification of taste buds is a temporary pleasure , just for few seconds or minutes , but it’s after effects are long lasting . Don’t sacrifice your health for these temporary pleasures .


Get connected with people who are also struggling for weight loss . Make a group with them , exchange your ideas , discuss health hazards of loads of fat on the body . Motivate each other .


Whenever you feel , you are losing hope & about to get derailed , take a big glass of water , practice deep breathing exercises & distract yourself in some other activity .

In the end i am going to break a good news for you all .You can have ONE cheat meal every week , but remember only ONE . It can be any food of your choice . This way you won’t feel deprived at all . Friends! first few days or weeks can be tough but believe me , as you ‘ll start seeing the needle of your weighing scale moving down, you ‘ll feel more & more motivated to reach your target . It’s going to be a sort of fuel for weight watchers . Plus the compliments you ‘ll get for ur transformation, by people in your surroundings ‘ll b another compelling driving force for you. Appreciation from others is a reward too .

Remember weight loss journey requires a lot of patience , persistence & determination . Keep in your mind that ” you cannot eat whole camel in one go ” . You should & you must know how to do it smartly, chunk by chunk. Be smart , be innovative & be patient .

Don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday to start it . Just start it now . You can do it & you will do it with Allah’s help & your strong determination . Never underestimate yourself !!!!

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