An article written by
Furry Foi, Clinical Psychologist
Edited by: Dr Ajaz Qureshi

How to motivate your own self to begin the weight loss journey .
I am writing it just because people in my surroundings often insist to me for helping them lose weight in a healthy & easy to follow way . I am sharing few simple & tried tips for the beginners :


Don’t avoid seeing yourself in the mirror . Over weight people often tend to avoid the mirror , it’s a sort of denial . You have to observe yourself critically but this is not to make you feel low or bad . No , it’s actually the first step towards your journey , you should identify & realise the fact that how the fat covering your body is destroying your beauty .


Weigh yourself & note down ur current weight .
No need to feel hopeless & helpless at all . Believe me you can shed it off . Just make up your mind to take the first step . First step is the hardest thing to do , once you take it , then nothing can stop you & you can reach your target with Allah’s help & your determination . Make up your mind , feed it to your mind that ” I CAN & I WILL DO IT ” . These are not just words , these are the keys to determination & motivation . Don’t feel low if someone says ” leave it , you can’t do it , it’s impossible ” . No , you have to be stubborn in this regard . You ‘ll have to prove it wrong & show others that you can do it . Accept the challenge .


When you have made your mind for it , then next step is to set your target weight , set an achievable target ,infact the wise strategy is to divide your major target in chunks . For example your initial target should be to reduce 2 kgs & then 5 more & after reaching that target you can set a new target until you reach your desired weight . The desired weight should be calculated according to your age & height. For that you can get help from Google where BMI charts are available .


Weigh yourself every day to keep a check on your progress


Reward yourself with something good when you hit your first target . The reward can be a new dress, shoes , movie or any other non edible object .


Never compare yourself with others ,focus on yourr own body . Everyone has different metabolism so don’t get frustrated if you see others losing weight more quickly than you . Just stay focused on ur own individual goals .

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