One crucial thing that almost every teens face is peer acceptance. But how an inexperienced young individual can exhibit a perfect balance of competing for acceptance to a reputable college and be liked by close friends and competitors? In an individualistic and competitive culturean adolescents pass through all difficult psychological transitions and become an adult on their own with a very little support or guidance as compare to adolescents. They can also mistakes which is obvious.

In simpler cultures, fathers preparetheir sons to become farmer like they are, so they can take over farm that belongs to their own family. And girls are supposed to have a large extended families like their mothers, aunts and grandmothers who helped them give birth. Hence roles were defined in the simpler culture and people knew that what they are expected to do. But, it’s not the same anymore and it can be seen that many younger people off to college with an expectations that they have to find their ways all alone.

Thinking in terms of developmental tasks is helpful in identifying the adjustment of teens. For example we can see social impairments in terms of addiction, substance abuse, and mental disorder and in adults it can be clearly seen as they can’t keep join or continue their relationships. But in teens their occupation is their school and relationship is their social life which consist of friends. A very clear signal of some problem in a teen’s life can be seen in poor academic grades and losing their social circle or changing friend’s often. Also, withdrawn behaviors and isolation can be a concern. Once a child is off to school or college parents don’t know what their kids are doing there and their good grades can be seen as representation of a balanced and adjusted routine. .

Some issues of teens are very difficult to identify. How does a normal acting out can differ from a rebels? When dose recreational drinking for fun with friends develop into chronic alcoholism? Which kid often steal candy bars and caught up or stopped? Who ends up facing legal issues with a record in legal system? Some college students may sell their worthy resources to pay college fee while others just use illegal means to earn money for their fee. These are all very sensitive decisions that kids or teens at time make. So in these situation it is highly suggested to intervene and resolve the issues as confrontation of such sensitive issues may cause rebellious teens to move further towards rebelliousness.

The path towards adulthood is often not very smooth and the road from teenager’s life to adult’s life is bumpy and parent’s demands from their parents are often unrealistic. Stanley Hall, an early writer on the study of teenagers, in 1904 identified this age as “storm and stress.” Anna Freud believed that teenager is not normal if he/she don’t act out. Many of teens feel lost and they at times are compared to a ship afloat in a storm without any sailor. Teems at times become chaotic, dazed and lost, but most of them do navigate this crucial phase to their adulthood successfully.

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