Take baby steps.

“The key to success is stringing together enough of the right decisions,” Olsher contends, and science backs this up. A classic Stanford University study observed kids who had trouble with math. One group was instructed to set smaller goals to tackle math problems, while a second group was asked to set long-term goals. The first group accurately solved 80 percent of the problems; the second group, only 40 percent.

Focus on avoiding loss.

Humans are more motivated to avoid loss than to attain gain. In other words, envisioning a life plagued with heart disease or an early death is a more powerful agent for creating healthy eating habits than picturing yourself looking hot in a swimsuit.


Following 4-Step program to change will surely help you out in proceeding results and change the perception of ‘tough processes associated with change itself.

  1. Take a stand against comfort zone.
  2. Make deadlines.
  3. Construct a plan.
  4. Accept and give support.

Take a Stand against Comfort Zone

When you make choice to take the steps to change your life you can look at what needs to be improved and start facing your comfort zones in more accountable way. A stand is a conscious step and usually starts with the phrase “I will not” for example “I will not tolerate the behavior of delaying important tasks.

Construct a Plan

A plan indicates specific actions to be taken to complete specific tasks. In change process develop your plan in such a way that includes specific actions, Specific dates, specific time, and specific places in relation to changing behavior.

Make Deadlines

Deadlines are actions you commit to take for completing tasks. Deadlines alter your behavior one small change at a time. These small changes lead you on an ongoing progression until your life is transformed.


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