Group counseling is another aspect which is the highlight of an effective addiction treatment facility. The purpose of group session is to allow the patients to make connections between the disease knowledge given to them and their personal experiences. Effective group sessions do not only give the patients a chance to socialize but they are actually designed to facilitate the patients to effectively share their life experiences, to overcome the toxic shame associated with addiction, and also for their catharsis.


Every effective addiction treatment center hires the professional staff with an expertise in addiction treatment. So this is also a factor that distinguishes a high-quality addiction treatment program from other average treatment facilities where the staff is not well-trained or does not have the specific skills to deal with the addicts.

All first rate addiction treatment facilities are experts in determining who wants an indoor or outdoor treatment. The indoor treatment is the residential program which involves the admission of the patient within the premises of the rehabilitation centre for a certain period of time; they are provided with supervised indoor detoxification along with one-to-one counseling sessions from mental health professionals, and education about the addictive disease in classes and group sessions. Whereas, in outdoor treatment, the patients live at home and visit the treatment setting for a number of days weekly for counseling sessions and medical consultancy. A proficient treatment facility always uses a clear cut method to differentiate between the candidates who are best suitable for outdoor or indoor treatment. Usually, indoor treatment is recommended to those patients who have dual diagnosis as in some severe psychiatric disorder like bipolar disorder or substance-induced psychoses along with addiction; patients who also might have some physical disease like diabetes along with drug addiction; who recently might have had serious episode of heavy dosage of some sedative drugs; or who are devoid of any stable and secure home environment, have dysfunctional family setup, or lack of appropriate family support. Sometimes, those patients are also admitted in indoor treatment facilities who have already failed to remain sober in an outdoor treatment program.




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