Pessimism is essentially an opposite of optimism and about the person who expects the worst, it is the core belief that the world is a bad and unfavorable place and that things will turn out for nothing. People may have pessimistic life patterns; for example: about the potency of getting a new job, or about their partner forgiving when he/she did silly mistakes.

The foremost question comes into our mind without any conscious effort, the pessimism and negative approaches towards anything affect us directly and indirectly both. As we all know about the famous quote: “a man is social animal” which point out that we people are reliant on each other, we are living a reciprocal life, our moods and emotions are connected with each other. The quality of relationships we maintain in our surroundings should be relevant with our social backgrounds. Our engagement style determines that how we interact, behave, understand others and in exchange process we will attain the same response from the world.

Afreen-Muhammad-NaseemMiss Afreen Naseem completed M.Phil from Institute of Clinical Psychology. After completion of study she worked at Pakistan Institute of Learning and Living as a Research Assistant/Clinical Psychologist. Her skills are in the domain of Psychotherapy Psychological and IQ assessment, Interview and History Taking, skilled in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy and Family therapy.

Editor: Mr. Wakeel Murad


There are many exceptions with every individual, not everything in the world is determined by the law of give and take. Now the question arises that how to tackle with difficult people, they can easily term as “NEGATIVE” because of their ways of living life, rigid thought patterns, and tricky manipulations to deceive people. These kinds of people usually discourage other for their helping, caring, positive behaviours. Because of their non progressive attitude towards life, they having negative impact on people who want to spend life with positive point of view. There narrow mindedness are the most effective tool for them to distract others.



Exploration of the reasons behind negativity, it is shown by their limited social circle. Research highlighted that people who possess the fear of being disrespected, fear of not being appreciated and terror of unpredictability expected by others are usually to exhibit negativity.

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