This week for Sas’s powerful Let It Go Project, I talked about letting go of “I can’t” thoughts. It’s so liberating to accept that something negative exists and then to simply say, I’m letting you go.

Of course, it’s often tougher or more complicated than that. But setting the intention is so important. There’s so much freedom in relinquishing the beliefs, behaviors, habits, objects, stories and people that don’t serve us.

Margarita TartakovskyMargarita Tartakovsky is an associate editor at, an award-winning mental health website, and the voice behind Weightless, a blog that helps women deal with body image issues and disordered eating. She also writes a monthly feature for, covering topics such as patience and procrastination.

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Below, I’ve created a list of things you might want to let go. Because sometimes we need permission or a reminder that it’s OK to relinquish what’s not working, that we deserve to ditch the negativity and just say no.

So, here’s your permission to let go of:

  • the scale
  • diet books and cookbooks
  • beliefs that you’re not good enough
  • stories that you need to earn — through your accomplishments, appearance and actions — respect or love or kindness
  • the view that you can’t be your top priority because it’s selfish or you don’t have the time
  • your endless list of chores
  • yelling
  • the idea that happiness resides in smaller jeans
  • a longtime fear
  • restriction — whether a diet rule or working too hard
  • the need to please others
  • the need to control others’ behavior
  • waiting to take tender care of yourself until you lose weight
  • a regret
  • staying silent
  • guilt over eating certain foods
  • a subscription to a magazine that makes you feel like crap
  • expectations that you must do everything perfectly
  • stories surrounding what you should be or what you should do
  • a friend who puts you down
  • the idea that thin — and only thin — is beautiful
  • the idea that a good workout has to be painful
  • the idea that you need to “work off” everything you eat
  • the idea that you can’t love your body right now, without changing a thing

Here, you’ll find what others are letting go and share your own story.

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