6: Don’t knock others down

Once in a while we attempt to censure others just to improve ourselves look or feel. Bringing another person down for your advantage is dangerous. It frames an adversary when you could shape a companion. At last, that damages you as well. Rather, attempt to help others in their prosperity — that will prompt more accomplishment on your part.

7: Focus on the Journey

Try not to concentrate on how you rank in contrast with others — life isn’t an opposition. It’s an excursion. We are all on a voyage, to discover something, to end up something, to learn, to make. That trip has nothing to do with how well other individuals are getting along, or what they have. It has an inseparable tie to what we need to do, and where we need to go. That is all you have to stress over.

8: Learn to Love enough

On the off chance that you generally need what others have, you will never have enough. You will dependably need more. That is an interminable cycle, and it will never prompt bliss. Regardless of what number of garments you purchase, regardless of what number of houses you possess (seven, on account of one well known competitor), regardless of what number of favor autos you gain … you’ll never have enough. Rather, figure out how to understand that what you have is as of now enough. On the off chance that you have shield over your head, nourishment on the table, garments on your back, and individuals who adore you, you are honored. You have enough. Anything you have far beyond that — and how about we concede that every one of us perusing this blog have more than that — is all that anyone could need. Be great with that, and you’ll discover satisfaction.

We often entangle ourselves into the realm of comparisons.  In reality, we are sort of demolishing our own boundaries.  We all say or sometimes yell too that we want space but in a nut shell, who are we cheating? If we really need space and we want others to realize that we have boundaries that we want to be respected and not violated, then there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done.  They say, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.  How come we expect others to do justice, if we can’t do justice to ourselves?  Every human being is a composition of a number of traits.  These can be related to our emotions, psyche and self as well.  Since, we are famous because of being complex entities; we ought to know that the very essence of our existence resides in our self, our true nature, and our instincts.  What we demand from others has a lot to do with what we demand from ourselves.  Our view about ourselves, others and the world is what makes it all so complex since we have to carefully assimilate the information we extract from the three sources because that is what creates a thought in our head.  This thought is what ignites our emotions and makes us vulnerable towards projecting behaviors.  The consequences we face at the hands of our thoughts is what we need to understand first!

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