Why people get into drugs can vary according to the life situations and stressors they face. One of the reason could be peer pressure. Because their friends take drugs or they insist, a teenager gets involved in drugs. There could be experimental use e.g. person is curious about the taste of drug but after taking once, he gets addicted. Some people are vulnerable to develop addiction because any of their family members use that. Someone might have early exposure to one or more substances such as during pregnancy their mothers take drugs.

Panic Disorder and Drug Addiction:

      Some of the links between panic disorder and addiction are demonstrated through the prescription drugs. For example, generally, Xanax is prescribed to treat panic symptoms. This drug is addictive in nature. Taking the medicine in extra amount than it was prescribed by the doctor is considered as drug abuse. It can be through other ways such as sharing medicine with someone who has similar symptoms. Even if not prescribed by the doctor, anyone can purchase from medical store. The illegal or non-prescriptive use of medicines is a major reason of drug addiction.

Some people are even not aware that they have developed any psychological disorder. They simply take drugs because they feel good after taking drugs. They start using alcohol because it temporarily release their anxiety and calm them down. In our society, it is very common that people self-medicate to reduce stress or get into sleep. They are unaware of the addictive nature of drugs. Some of the very common drugs used for this purpose are Valium, Xanax, tranquilizers etc. Person taking benzodiazepines unknowingly develop dependence because of its addictive effects.


Dual Diagnosis with Panic Disorder:

Dual diagnosis is a term used to denote drug addiction along with the presence of any other psychological disorder e.g. in this case, a panic disorder. Other relevant terms used to explain this phenomenon can be co-occurring disorders or comorbid disorders. Panic disorder and addiction can be simultaneous. The drug use may precede panic disorder or it can be vice versa. When the two conditions are found in a patient, it gets very difficult for clinicians to differentiate the primary disorder.

There may be a situation where panic disorder was present at first place after which individual developed addiction. This could be in the form of self-medication which gets worsened to develop multiple addictions.

On the other hand, drug addiction can lead to panic disorder. There are various drugs which produce panic-like symptoms such as, cocaine is associated with restlessness, irritability and panic attacks. In this way, panic disorder can be produced if primarily a person is addicted to certain drugs.


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