Psychological Vulnerability
There is a significant connection between drinkers’ psycho social state and the severity of their hangover symptoms. In one study of 1,104 drinkers who had reported being “tipsy, high or drunk,” a correlation was shown between feelings of guilt about drinking, neurosis, anger, depression or negative life events and the severity of hangover symptoms.

In short, the incidence and intensity of hangover symptoms are not due solely to objective causes; they might also be explained by subjective factors unique to the individual drinker at a particular point in time. This may be another reason why there are such variations in hangover response from person to person, and in the same person from time to time.

Alcohol and Tobacco
Unfortunately, smoking and drinking together make hangover symptoms even more hurtful. Nicotine slows down gastric emptying, so more alcohol is absorbed here and less is relegated to small intestine. That quickly leads to the production of more acetaldehyde and greater toxicity, which exacerbates the symptoms of dehydration and low blood sugar.Reginal Combot user girl


A hangover is an obvious indication of harmful drinking. Headache is reported by everyone suffering from hangover, but taking pain killers like aspirin, Brufen and Tylenol is not advisable for everyone. It is strictly prohibited for heavy drinkers especially those who are diagnosed with a chronic liver disease. For some people, therefore, a hangover headache is a “punishment” that they just have to live with. Depending on individual sensitivity, combining alcohol with Aspirin or Brufenis not a good idea. It can cause irritation or even inflammation of the mucous lining of the stomach.

The only safe remedy is to proactively heal the pain of a hangover by drinking sensibly and mindfully. Healthy low-risk drinking with exercise, plenty of water, and eating lightly can save your skin. But, if you decide to take only two drinks every evening and then end up drinking heavily, you are bound to go through the torture of hangover; only time will help you heal, if you develop a full blown hangover, no matter what you do. A stich in time saves nine. Drink mindfully; if you have to.

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