For more than 35 years, Willing Ways, Pakistan has been keeping people in Pakistan informed about how to improve your relationship with alcohol or call it a QUIT. At the same time, the organization has continued to spread the message that excessive drinking is not acceptable because of the risk to oneself and to others.

Reckless drinking continues to be painful, even when blood alcohol content returns to quite low levels. In fact, this is the time when hangover is at its climax with a host of symptoms, which, in turn, can lead to catastrophes.1Alchohol-Hangover-011

When you’re hung over, you feel bad. Sometimes very bad. And when you have a headache, are sweating and trembling and suffering from vision and concentration problems, it is just as dangerous as being drunk. While you are going through a painful and debilitating hangover, it is not advisable to drive a vehicle, operate any machinery, use tools, or otherwise engage in dangerous physical activity, assume responsibility for the safety of others or take part in negotiations and make important decisions.

This warning is intended for anyone who loses control of drinking, but young people in particular should be aware. They tend to get drunk more often and quickly.They suffer more frequently from hangover. A significant number of young people have jobs that involve the safety of others. For someone with a sensitive job, a hangover is not merely unpleasant, it is downright dangerous.

Willing ways, Pakistan therefore reminds everyone that the only way to stay in full possession of your faculties is to follow the WHO drinking guidelines. Also, you are more likely to avoid a hangover by not drinking artificially sweetened alcohol that contains other impurities too. And it’s better to stay away from certain types of alcoholic beverages that, even when taken in moderation, have more potential for hangover. Last but not the least; don’t forget that irresponsible drinking is always in bad taste.

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