2. Joan Didion.  A Star Is Born (Screenplay), The Panic In Needle Park (Screenplay), Up Close and Personal (Screenplay)

During the day, Didion has dinner and drinks, during night time she reviews the pages from the writeup written in afternoon. She says she needs dinner and a stiff drink to give her space far from the pages. She utilizes that time at night to make notes on her work.
When she begins composing/ writing the following day, she knows exactly where to begin, having made the notes — which is simpler than facing a blank screen. When she’s having some fantastic ideas, it’s simpler for her to proceed onward to new ground.

3. Jack Kerouac. Pull My Daisy (Screenplay), On the Road (Source Material), Big Sur (Source Material).
On the Road was apparently based on Kerouac’s travels with Neal Cassady, during which they immersed themselves completely into a lifestyle of sex, drugs and jazz. You could state that experience was a piece of his daily practices that made him productivity towards work.

One of Kerouac’s practices involved lighting a flame of candle around midnight, and writing by its light, then blowing it out when he was done, written work near sunrise. He’s quoted as saying he wrote On the Road in a week, on a single scroll of paper. Drugs was also being the part of it.

Some of his different and unique practices: When he took breaks, he’d do headstands, at that point remained bringing his feet down to touch the floor nine times. Another included “praying to Jesus to protect my rational soundness(energy) and my vitality so I can help my family… ” which incorporated a pet (cat), his better half and his paralyzed mother.

4. Kurt Vonnegut. Slaughterhouse-Five (Source Material), Happy Birthday Wanda June (Screenplay), Breakfast of Champions (Story by).

Vonnegut illustrated on his routine in a letter to his better half, clarifying that he begins a day at 5:30 A.M. and composing or writing until 8:30. Around then, he’d break for breakfast, and afterward kept written work until 10:00 A.M. Whatever remains of his day has a strict standard too, although he got done with composing work at 10:00 A.M. The other ceremonial exercises included walking into town, doing errands, swimming a half hour, doing push-ups and sit-ups, at that point returning home at 11:45 A.M. rest of the day spending time in a bar with friends, teaching and learning literature and enjoying jazz until fall asleep at 10:00 P.M

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