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Written By: Dua Sarfraz:

Some parents, they just make everything look so easy, especially when we see them from a distance. However, these parents are mostly seen in a magazine on top of some grocery store shelf (As they are too good to be true).

Parents; once you have children, it becomes very exhausting to see to your to-do list, because children are demanding and they need your attention and time. You can either be the kind of parent you like or spent time doing something you’re interested in. I would say parenting is the better option. Because, you see, kids will not be in the learning stage of their life for Some parents, they just make everything look so easy, especially when we see them from a distance. However, these parents are mostly seen in a magazine on top of some grocery store shelf (As they are too good to be true).

long. They’ll eventually grow up and it is our duty to spend more of our time teaching them something good and helpful. Time and attention from parents help children grow independent and thoughtful.

For children to excel we have to put parenting first. Which would mean reconsidering some pre-kid priorities.

4 Ways to Put Parenting First

Stop obsessing over how beautiful and sophisticated your house looks.

Yes, it’s great to have people appreciating the way you’ve kept your home. But bear in mind that a house, no matter how exquisite it is, it has to be comfortable enough for the people living in it. They have to be reminded of warmth whenever they think about their home. If you have too many restrictions for the residents they will not like it e.g. you cannot forbid everyone from putting their small items like keys, and wallets, on the living room side table. Children need to have a comfortable place where they can play and be careless. By careless, I mean that they shouldn’t worry about breaking something on every step they take.

Cleanliness is not everything.

Cleanliness is important but to a reasonable extent. I think we all agree that parenting is certainly more significant. My mother always felt proud about how clean her floors were, she even said that we could eat off of it. But that never happened, I never saw anyone eating off of the floor. So instead of spending your time cleaning something that is already clean, just because it isn’t clean enough, spend that time with your children. Use that extra time to maybe, help your child do homework. It’s safe to say that no one’s going to grade how clean your house is, but people will judge you and your children.

Minimize your to-do list.

Crop it down as much as you can because believe me you’re going to have to do it. It isn’t easy and instead of resenting anyone try and get into helping your children. Get amused by them. If you have children you cannot do most of the stuff on your to-do list. You can’t watch TV or some serial all day, you can’t talk to your best friend for hours, you can’t spend a lot of time shopping a sale, you can’t go out with your spouse specially if your child is very young. These activities will have to be pared down, more or less. You can, however, take some time off and do whatever you want when your children are not at home, for example when they are at a friend’s, or when they are sleeping. Kids will always need your attention, being kids they rarely act maturely. They will always need your help for something that is massively more important to them than whatever is on your schedule. Having a parent listen to their complains, about school or a friend, receiving help from their mom or dad when they get hurt. This is all immensely important to children.For a child to grow happy and emotionally healthy, parents need to be flexible enough to put their children’s needs over their own wants.

Let the kids do the must-do chores.

Everyone knows that the kids try to copy adults around them.One way or another they imitate adults. They might; sometimes act as if they are cooking something, hold a lotion bottle up to their ear pretending they’re talking to someone on the phone, a young boy may wear his father’s coat trying to look big like him. These small acts can help you deduce a strategy. You know that some chores have to be done. Laundry can only be delayed, the lawn has to be mowed, your house needs to be mopped or vacuumed, the car needs to be maintained. You can involve your children in helping you do all these chores and use their imitating act to help you. It will not only help you but your children will learn from it too. Use their imitating acts by giving them something to do that is productive and engaging for them. As I’ve told you many times before, kids need attention and time from their parents. If you think back to how many times a child calls for his parents’ attention you’ll get what I am trying to tell you. They want their parents to approve of what they are doing and give them appreciation. They need their parents to guide them and help them when they find something difficult. And our job is give them what they need, which is our love, affection and time.Instead of cleaning their closets go to their soccer game, trust me they won’t remember the shape of their closets but they will remember your cheering face on the side lines.

Children of all ages have a fundamental need to have their parents’ attention. They want to be able to impress their parents and in return expect appreciation. Parents need to have enough time to look into all of their children’s problems and it should be top priority. They need to show the love that children expect from them. And if you make time for your children you’re parenting will improve itself and it will become your priority.

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