sabapervizSaba Parvaiz is the Clinical Psychologist in Willing Ways Lahore. She has done her masters in applied Psychology from Punjab University. She has got a significant experience in the assessment and evaluation of Psychological aspects of Psychological disorders such as drug addiction, childhood problems and speech therapy.

Saba did her internship in the drug addiction centre of Mayo Hospital for 1 year where she got a command on individual and group psychotherapy .She also has an experience to work with the children in the child psychiatry department of same hospital. She worked as coordinator in the 7 to 10th international psychiatric symposium organized by the department of Psychiatry KEMU Mayo Hospital. Saba also worked as employ for 1 year in the civil secretariat (health department) as appointed by the internship programme by the Govt of Punjab.

She experienced to participate in different counseling and psychotherapeutic activities such as she work with the earth quack victims of district Bagh by the International Psychosocial Programme (people in need) and community health camp in district headquarter in sheikhupura .

Saba participated in various workshops e.g. Parenting Skill Training, Rational Prescribing in Psychiatric Practice,  REBT in nut shell and New Trends in Psychological Research which was organized by psychiatric welfare association and Pakistan psychiatric society in collaboration with Deptt of Psychiatry KEMU, Pakistan Academy of Family Physician, South Asia division Royal college of psychiatrist (U.K), British Psychiatric association (U.K)

Her academic project reports are about evaluation of ADHD, HRM related to ISSB selection and effect of education and physical self image on self esteem among Pakistani women. By nature Saba is supportive, confident and dedicated along with the strong interpersonal and communication skills.

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