Ali Murtaza is not just an esteemed member of our team of counselors at Willing Ways, but he is the marketing director and intervention-specialist as well. He graduated from University Illinois Chicago with a Masters degree in Business Administration and majors in Marketing. Ali brings with him diverse and dense experience from banking, telecom and human resource industries into the field of counseling. He has previously worked for various esteemed organizations like Mobil Oil(USA), The Resource Group and Habib Bank Ltd.

Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Kenneth Blanchard and Zig Zigler are Ali’s distant-gurus ever since he stepped into the world of counseling and corporate training. His passion for the game of rugby compliments Robbins interests and approach towards life and work. Crucial conversations, crucial confrontations and change anything are some key weaponry in his therapy-arsenal. He is also an influencer and his growth, position and mastery in client handling and change in their lives have shown significant results. This has earned him a distinguished position in the organization.

Ali has true passion for mixed martial arts and rugby. He has represented the country on international fronts in the said fields. He is a prominent body-builder and plans to own a chain of concept-gymnasiums, a mix of counseling and fitness, in future. 

Contact No: 111-111-347

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