ayeshaAyesha Tabassum is working in Willing Ways as a Family Counselor. It is the 4th year since she has joined this organization. She is highly motivated and passionate about her profession. She has special interest in exploring human psychology and its different aspects. She worked in, Sadaqat Clinic and Turning Point as well. She worked with patients of various mental illness and chronic diseases. Her main area of interest is addiction- counseling, Assertiveness, Intervention, Co dependence, and Crucial Conversation and Anger management.

She received her Master’s Degree in Defence & Diplomatic Studies from FJWU. She is confident, diligent and very innovative. She possesses the qualities of a true leader. She won several prizes in speeches and debates in school, college and university at national level. She was the badminton champion at Board Level.

Email: ayesha.tabassum@willingways.org
Contact No: 111-111-347

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