Being down to earth

Compliment: you secured very good marks!! Congratulations!!!!!

Response: it’s all just because of my parents’ prayers!!


Compliment: your performance was great in the show!!

Response: say something I don’t know!!….

Why are compliments not accepted?

  • People are tuned to think in a particular way that if someone is praising you, he or she must have any hidden agenda
  • When some is appreciated, he thinks that he is bound to appreciate others with the same magnitude or more than that.
  • Some people take compliment as a debt; they want to repay it as soon as possible and restoring a balance.
  • Those who have low self image think that they don’t deserve any compliments and are worthy of no appreciation. They further think that people are wasting their words and time on them.

What to do with the compliments??

Key point: a compliment is a gift to be accepted. It is not a bomb needing to be defused, nor a volley ball needing to be returned.

When you receive a compliment, give proper eye contact and with the effective tone of voice acknowledge the compliment by saying the any of the following statement.

  • Thank you so much.
  • Thank you, I worked hard.
  • I am glad you liked it.
  • Thank you for liking it.
  • Thank you for the appreciation.
  • I appreciate that you noticed.
  • Thank you, I feel good about it too.
  • I am honored that you gave me compliment.

By using any of these statements, you are actually valuing the words of other person and acknowledging his or her view point towards you.


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