In blaming People focus on the others as the source of their negative feelings and they refuse to take responsibility to change themselves. For example someone else is responsible for my bad behavior not me.

Unfair Comparisons:

People start to interpret events in terms of standards that are unrealistic by focusing continuously on others who do better than themselves. For example having a mentality that others will do good and I am a failure.

Regret Orientation:

People focus that they could have done better in past, rather than on what currently they are doing. I could have had a batter job if I had tried myself well. I should not have said those things are the examples of regret orientation based distortions.

What-If ?

This distortion creates much problem as people dealing with it never satisfy with any given solution. They always come up with assumptions. What if this happen, what if that happen, this is true yeah, but what if I get anxious. They behave like restless souls.

Emotional Reasoning:

People with this cognitive distortions let their feeling guide their interpretation of reality. For example if they feel depressed they will say because of depression their affairs of life are not settling. They are angry because of it this work is not get done in time.

Inability to Disconfirm:

People reject any argument or evidence that might contradict their negative thoughts. For example if someone think that he is unlovable; he rejects any argument that people like him.

Judgment Focus:

People view themselves and others in terms of good or bad irrespective of simply describing, accepting, or understanding. They will continually measuring themselves and others according to arbitrary standards and finding that they and others are less good. For example people always pass such statement. If they will indulge in other activity they will not perform well in studies or how their friends are more successful than of them. There judgment focuses are very leather as it leads towards further deterioration of life.


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