Correct approaches to use your imagination 

1. Do not abide negativity

If one owns an “I can’t” attitude, than it will directly affect the power of imagination. Therefore the recommendation is to reframe the situation while focusing on the positivities and in case it doesn’t work just try to pretend to be positive.

2. Craft positivity  

Try to get excited and imagine the fervor, zest, and high spirits.

3. Practice multi-channel imagery

Imagination basically works on 6 channels of perception i.e. seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting and another sense which exists inside known as ‘feelings’. The basic principle behind a productive use of imagination into reality is to use the maximum channels with high intensity. High intensity includes imagining in bright colors, sensitive touch, sharp details, distinctive odors, distinct sounds, deep feeling and exact taste. It’s a human nature to favor one or two channels and rely on that while perceiving the environment, better is to use the multi-channel imagination.

4. Make it a habit to imagine regularly   

In order to achieve your goal, imagine as many times a day as possible. Exercising imagining on waking up and before going to bed is highly recommended.

5. Do the homework

Work regularly on your imaginations so they could become your reality. For example if one has to give a presentation to the top management of the organization, which is due in couple of weeks, also it is the first presentation ever from your end to the higher management than imagination could be receiving an applause from the top management resulting in promotion, pay rise and an allotment of luxury office. To transform this imagination into reality, the need is to work smartly on preparation of presentation. The better idea could be to collect data regarding each and every top management employee’s expectations from the presentation or meet other employees and see what they have to say or if possible try to get access to old presentations and look for what new and innovative could be done.

In a nutshell, proper imagination asks for effort. We cannot say that imagination is daydreaming rather it is a set of patterns that one follows to bring that imagination into reality. Though it takes energy but it’s always fun, interesting as well as important. Use    ‘First person technique’ if the confidence level is good enough. In this case one sees oneself as the lead actor in a theatre while on the other end if the confidence level is low try ‘Third person technique’ which says to imagine another person doing what you want to achieve and slowly and steadily replace yourself to that role.


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