Measures being taken to eradicate unhygienic food (ministries)

  • Punjab pure food ordinance (1960) An Ordinance to consolidate and amend the law relating to the preparation and sale of foods in the province of the Punjab. The ordinance includes general provisions (food poisoning, false warranty, adulteration and etc), analysis of food, penalties and procedures and etc.(1)
  • The Health Task Force of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Friday issued more than 50 ‘challans’ to shopkeepers in different markets of the federal capital for serving unhygienic food or not observing health standards.( The news)(2)
  • In 2008(August) Lahore District Food Department executed the operation to ensure the provision of food quality being provided to the masses. Their work was to seal those outlets where the standard of the food was not up to the level in accordance to the country’s laws.(Lahore nama)
  • Rawalpindi district health department launched a campaign against unhygienic food stuffs being sold at the local restaurants, vendors and shops. The campaign was executed in May 2009.Three teams were formed; every team had one food inspector and two assistants for the noble purpose of food inspection. They confiscated two pick ups full of rotten fruits, challaned 7 hotels and 2 fruit shops.(The news)(3)



Awareness should be spread through media on the importance of hygiene in one’s level and truth regarding the restaurants should be shown to the general masses. Endeavours by the CHANNEL GEO have been taken to make the masses more aware about the reality of these unhygienic food markets.

Advertisements about the insecticide spray and advantages of their usage should be more common for example lifeboy gold advertisement (commercial on personal hygiene)

Radio jingles on cleanliness would be effective (since the poor masses, most of which own such unhygienic shops on the roadside, listen to the radio)

Billboards regarding this great concern, pamphlets and flyers would be valuable as well


  • Usage of sanitized utensils
  • Washing of hands before eating
  • Vaccination of food handlers to prevent viral infections
  • High subsidy on health related commodities should be implemented
  • More funds for health ministry
  • No corruption
  • Providing health insurance

What should be done?

Personally, I think that as the West has weapons to combat their enemies, likewise we have our unhygienic food markets to combat our enemies. If you do not like anyone, you can give that person a lavish treat from “GAWALMANDI” and the very next day the revenge would have been fully taken since the person (your rival) would either be in the washroom for hours or laid on the hospital bed. However, on a serious note, our government should start action towards these unhygienic markets. Our country should have more funds for health and food problems and should have high subsidy on health utilities as in the west. Our country should also provide health insurance and incentives for the food related shops for promoting hygienic food.

Moreover, the government should make sure whether their laws regarding hygiene are implemented properly or not. Checks and balances should increase by the government.  Bribery should be resisted by the officials. Efforts should be made by the government to provide the clean tap water since most of the roadside stalls make use of tap water. Basic level of education should be provided to everyone so that no one remains unaware of the hygiene issues being faced by our country. Islamic knowledge should also be put emphasis since Islam lays a great importance on cleanliness and oral hygiene. Then only could we enjoy a scrumptious dish if tangy roadside biryani in peace!


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