Three years of experience creating high quality websites for some of the world’s best , respected and most prestigious companies. With a wealth of experience under his belt, M Khaleel Afzal is the definitive professional in the field of internet development, with expertise ranging from design, development in PHP & Asp.Net, conceptualization to programming, Window Azure and SEO( online marketing).

Khaleel has worked in the willing ways since he graduated with a degree in Information Technology. He has worked for the office of PITB ,Wise Microcap Consulting and Blue Bricks Consulting. Since August 2011 Khaleel has been a member of Willing Ways which focus on helping the people with developing best practice in the field of psychiatric, rehab and addiction treatment services. In 2011 M Khaleel Afzal become a member of youth delegation to China. Beyond work as a web developer, M Khaleel Afzal  volunteers as a German  translator in his local community as He also enjoys cricket, chess, newspaper reading & video games.

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Contact No: 111-111-347

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