Muhib-e-Zahra is a Clinical Psychologist. She discovered her interest in Clinical Psychology while studying at Government College University, Lahore in 2007. She thought that it would be more challenging for her intellectual drive.  Two years later, she became a student of the ADCP (Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology) in University of the Punjab. She completed her ADCP in 2010, and then she got the opportunity to practice all that she had learnt as a Clinical Psychologist in Willing Ways.

It has been one and a half year since she joined this organization. She feels that she has achieved widespread success and professional recognition over here. Her contribution to Willing Ways is to help individuals to transforming the quality of their lives and find breakthrough strategies and solutions for overcoming their problems related to substance addictions and psychiatric illnesses. Besides individual therapy, she conducts group therapy as well.

Muhib-e-Zahra thinks she possess a powerful combination of action, passion and commitment towards continuous improvement. She truly enjoys reading books, spending time with her family and going out. She is very fond of studying successful people from whom she can learn and draw inspiration.

Contact No: 111-111-347

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