Start hanging out with someone who is not your type

It is a human tendency to choose things with which he/she feels connected or other way round we humans always look for the commonalities. If it’s so in your case, than the need is to hang out with someone who is totally your opposite. Choose the one who can bring out your adventurous side, be open and examine how this has benefited you

Technology free Sunday’s  

Technology addiction is relatively a new term that is being introduced in recent years with the outflow of different types of technology gadgets in market including ipads, Pablets, Laptops, tablets etc. These gadgets have completely over shadowed the outdoor activities resulting in addition of one more element to our list of comfort zone ingredients. So the best you can do is to mark Sunday’s as technology free and thus stepping out of your comfort zone.

Look for a new hobby

Try looking for a new hobby. It does not need to be something really big but start with anything physical, be that painting, singing, gardening, learning to play some music instrument or it could be as simple as learning to type. According to Hall “Neurons that fire together, grow together; there seems to be some kind of connection between thinking great thoughts and doing something with your feet, mouth or body”

Find a role Model

Many times it happens that we label ourselves by saying ‘I cannot do it because I am too old’ perhaps we can make the above example more specific saying to ourselves ‘I cannot study because I am too old’ Thinking practically, is there any specific age to acquire knowledge? Well the answer is a big NO. So what you should do is to look for some role model. This way your paradigm will shift and either you will do it or you will look for the actual root cause for not being able to do so.

Hang out with people who are more successful than you

It is highly advisable to join people whom you think are better than you in any way, be that sports or studies or even communication. If they are your benchmark, than reach that mark. This way you will pull yourself out of your comfort zone and will be positively contributing to your own self. It is said that if you want to learn anything start being in the company of a person who is expert in that.

Start Mentoring

Being a mentor does not mean that you have to be a high level professional and should have people working under you, rather if you are a fresh graduate from school or college you always have something to share and offer. So share your knowledge with others and vice versa also gain knowledge from others. Make a knowledge loop.

In a nutshell, stepping out of your habit loop and keep progressing is a secret to successful life. Comfort zone is good to a certain level but once it starts crossing the boundary the situation becomes alarming and must be handle amicably.


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