Vocational Personalities and Environments:

John Holland instructed that "people will perform and develop best and find job satisfaction in work environments that are compatible with their personalities." Holland based mostly his theory on many assumptions: 

1. People tend to decide on careers that reflect their personalities. 

2. Because individuals tend to be drawn to some jobs, the setting reflects their personalities. 

Holland classified personality types and work environments into six types:

Type Activities  Occupations
 Realistic     Working with tools  and  machines     Farmer,  Carpenter,Mechanical    Engineer
 Investigative   Working ideas and theories  Chemist 
 Artistic  Creating things  Painter, Writer
 Social   Helping people    Social Worker,  Counselor
 Enterprising   Leading others   Sales Representative,  Entrepreneur
 Conventional  Organizing data    Auditor

Socioeconomic Theory: 

Socioeconomic theory is additionally referred to as the "chance" or "accident" theory. This approach to understanding career development suggests that a lot of individuals follow the trail of least elbow grease in their career development by merely falling into no matter what work opportunities come their way.


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