Decide what you want from life: You must have a clear picture in mind about your future life. Try to avoid such a situation in which you are receptors of other people demands. Be a demand giver rather than a mere receiver of other people desire and expectations. Your focus should be on what you want to become in five-ten-fifteen years from now on. Define your life’s key areas in every aspect. For example family, work, leisure, community, spiritual, money and health. Don’t be shy to imagine your ambitions. Write down your hope and dreams, all things you want to do things like (becoming CEO of a firm, work less in a given day, having summer vacations in abroad, buy anything you want). This exercise give you focus and direction and you will start to work in a directed way ultimately saving and investing time according to the activities align to your focus.

Use 80/20 rule: this rule was devised by an Italian polymath named Alfred Pareto. According to this principle 80 percent of your work is coming out from 20 percent of work you done. Find that 20 percent of activities which cultivates 80 percent of your growth. It simply means that 20 percent of your time deals with the productive activities, and other 80 percent are lower in productivity or unnecessary. Your goals which we discuss later will help you to prioritize this 20 percent of work which is need of the hour. The remaining 80 percent work can be done later, you may delegated it or simply bypass.

Define your goals and objectives: Goals play a vital role in shaping and molding one’s life for good. Your goals and objectives must be attainable, measurable, and positive. By defining your goals and objectives in each area of your life will help you maintaining time effectively and you are in better position to recognize the 20 per cent of the activity which attracts maximum growth. For example you want to become CEO of a financial organization this is your goal, then you will take steps like (pass exams, impress the board, acquiring s skills necessary for financial matters, demonstrate that skills in presentations, write articles for your organization magazine) to meet the objectives (known figure in company, get promotion every two years) of becoming the CEO of the firm.

Prioritize your goals and objectives: By deciding your goal and objectives next important thing to do is to prioritize them according to their importance. Like in above example once you have define the goal (become CEO) and objectives for that now prioritizing of the steps and objectives are needed. You must set when to write the article, learn financial skills, and other steps according to their urgency. By doing this your will save enough time and effort to channelize it into other area of your life.

Eliminate time busting activities: Avoid to be indulged in time killing activities. To still idle is a time buster, build castle in the air is a buster, kept on talking and no action is a buster for time. Loafing around here and there without any purpose is a buster. Try to draw a line between prime time (productive time) and wasted time (time buster). By keeping a time log you will easily do that stuff. Once you recognize your time busters and eliminate them step by step you will see how easy your life becomes and you feel less burdened. Do not confuse activities like reading a book, visiting friends, taking a vacation, or relaxing quietly as time wasters they are just activities which paving your way to attain your goal or desired life.

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