We need courage and patience to full fill our responsibilities. Problems and crisis always create strong resistance in the journey of success. Major difference among successful and unsuccessful people is about courage and patience. Choose whatever path you like to adopt, keep that thing in mind that you will face hardships and difficulties. By facing them with patience you surely will get what you want in life.

Respect of Others:

Successful personalities always respect others. They know the importance of empathy. They do not use people for their purposes. They treat every individual with dignity and respect. This is a psychological fact that whatever we feel about our self the same we feel for others. If we degrade others, somewhere in our mind we are degrading ourselves as well.


Self Respect:

Compromising on yourself respect is very venomous in the development of sound personality. Having a negative opinion about you is equally dangerous. Having the feeling of being important is very effective in the development of strong personality.


By definition confidence is a state of being certain about success. Small wins creates huge chunks of confidence. Recall when you first time successfully drive a car or score well in your exams. Confidence is created by remembering the all the achievements of past and use them for future success. Unsuccessful people do the opposite. They remember all the negative things and demolish their confidence. Famous example of Addison is before us. All the progress in the history of mankind comes as a result of being certain and confident about results.

Accept Yourself The Way You Are:

This is the key to successful personality. Having a balanced and positive self image about oneself is of huge importance. Never go for perfectionism trap. Unsuccessful people have the tendency to delaying things as of below standards. They never give themselves roam of improvement. Acceptance of our reality makes us strong, successful people know that fact and move towards personality with zest. Joan D.Vinge rightly said “We all are born with a unique genetic blueprint, which lays out the basic characteristics of our personality as well as our physical health and appearance…. And yet we all know that life experiences do change us.”



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