• List all Your Reasons for Quitting

    In order to get motivated, make a comprehensive list of all the personal reasons for why you would like to quit smoking for good. Here are some entry’s to get you started: “Lowers chances of contracting illnesses such cancer, improves my appearance, makes my family proud etc.” Make sure that the reasons are strong enough for overpowering the urges to consume!

  • Enlist the Help of Your Loved One’s

    Let your family and friends know that you are trying to quit. They would not only offer constant encouragement but also assist in creating an environment that assists you in your effort. Become part of a support group may also prove beneficial. Suggestions from those dealing with the same problem can help keep you motivated and face the rough patches as well.

  • Switch Your Routine

    If you are used to smoking after meals, try and find something else to do. You can brush your teeth, chew gum, go for a walk or talk to a friend. Likewise, if you smoke when you drink coffee, switch to green tea instead which also happens to have the same stress-relieving properties as nicotine. Substitute those pesky cigarette breaks at work with a game of solitaire on your computer or other diversions.

  • Avoid Familiar Triggers

    After you have smoked your last cigarette, toss away all your smoking paraphernalia. Throw away the lighters, ashtrays and packs of cigarettes. Cleanse all the clothes, carpets, and rugs and curtains that still smell of smoke. If you used to smoke in your car, make sure to clean it out as well. Go to places where smoking isn’t allowed and avoid people who smoke. You should not want to see or smell anything that reminds you of smoking.

  • Take a Break

    The foremost reason for consuming cigarettes is that it helps people relax. After you have given up on smoking, you will need to find new ways on how to unwind. There are so many options available at your disposal. Make time for a hobby, connect with your friends, catch up on your favorite TV show, listen to your favorite music, meditate or treat yourself to a massage.

  • Start Eating Healthy

    A diet that contains fruits and vegetables can help you quit smoking. They can help combat the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine and effectively reduce cravings as well. Grapes serve as natural antioxidants which help in flushing out toxins and nicotine from your body. Acidic fruits can also help you reduce cravings greatly. Drinking lots of water can also help lower levels of harmful toxins from the body.

  • Become More Active

    Being more physically active can help you reduce nicotine cravings. When you want to light up a cigarette, put on your running shoes instead. Even diluted exercise such as brisk walking can help you feel more active and also assist you in burning off some calories.

  • Keep on Trying!

    Be sure to know that if you relapse, you have not failed. Many people try make several attempts for giving up cigarettes before finally meeting success. Instead of being discouraged, try and learn from the reasons that led to the relapse. You should come out of experience feeling stronger. Try again and set a convenient “quit-date” for yourself from which to start over.

  • Consult a Professional

    If the going gets tough and you fail to cut back on your cigarette consumption, then it may be time to consult a professional. Consult the appropriate mental health professionals who can make the process easier through prescription of medications that curb cravings and making cigarette smoking a less satisfying experience. Nicotine replacement therapies might also be suggested for some people while counseling does the trick for most.

  • Best Tips on How to Quit Smoking

    Are you unsure about how to quit smokingcigarettes? Have you decided to cease smoking but finding it difficult to stick to your plan? Here are some tips on how to quit smoking for good and to enjoy a healthier, smoke free life!