“Reason behind the positive behavior of people during Covid- 19 ”
Disaster of Covid19 has not only carved the way for many tragedies but it also provided the experts of behavioral sciences to comprehend the behavior change.

Many experts showed their concerns regarding the resultant fatigue and restlessness after the restrictions implied upon by authorities. But in many parts of the world, the trend to follow the restriction directives is encouraging and satisfactory.
The complacency of people has baffled the behavioral experts. There are no significant signs of “behavioral fatigue“. Compliance results from a combination of variables. These variables are the high risks involved (for both individuals and society), information campaigns=====, threat of sanctions, cultural values, as well as many social factors. Of all these variables, behavioral scientists have regarded the social factors as the most significant during this time of pandemic.
Many researchers report that the role of social influence by the societal role models, peers and patients in health care system, is of prime importance. In terms of role model effects, for example, one study reported that hospital workers were less likely to keep hygiene of their hands if a peer or higher ranking person who did not engage in hand hygiene was in the room with them. In a research conducted on the probability of washing the hands after using rest rooms and this research involved the females at the universities. The probability of washing hands in the presence of a peer in the restroom is 95% while it is 55% their absence. Similarly, a research conducted on health care workers reported that the likelihood of washing hands is increased by 8% if they believed that they were been observed. In another study where the health care workers were informed about the observation of their hand hygiene through the installed cameras. Their performance improved by 70% when they were emailed about their compliance rates.
There is no scientific data which can reveal the mystery of people’s hand hygiene compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many social factors must have been behind, social distancing in particular. Whether it’s movie stars reminding us to stay at home, horrible stories in the media about COVID-19 patients who lost their lives, regular applause for front-line workers from our doorsteps, or peer pressure when we stand in line outside the supermarket, social forces are a crucial dimension that explains our positive behavior during the pandemic. There is still a room for researches to make further evaluations on scientific grounds.

Written by Wajeeha Naseer (Clinical Psychologist)
Thoughts: Dr. Sadaqat Ali

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