Recently, I read two pieces about respecting our natural tendencies and needs.

In one Therese talks about being a highly sensitive person (which I totally am) and avoiding the things that only heighten this sensitivity (like the mall!).

In another Jen talks about honoring her current desire to slow down.

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These articles are reminding me about the pivotal parts of self-care: listening to ourselves, acknowledging what we’re going through, understanding our needs and responding to them.

But I also have a hard time reconciling these different parts of self-care: the part where I challenge myself (and try to find comfort in the discomfort, as a yoga instructor said in a class this week) and the part where I respect my natural tendencies and protect myself.

Because protecting myself and my natural rhythms helps me to be well: not watching scary or disturbing movies so I’m not ruminating about them later (or having nightmares); wearing ear plugs so I can fall asleep; taking longer breaks after I’ve finished my writing for the month; avoiding caffeine (unless it’s in dark chocolate…yum); moving my body on most days because it feels fantastic (and minimizes anxiety and boosts my mood).

But pushing myself out of my comfort zone also strengthens my self-trust and shows me that I’m a brave person (which is a story I never used to believe). These acts of bravery are small, but they’re meaningful to me. They’re everything from doing a podcast to trying a new yoga class.

These slight nudges are self-care, too. Because I don’t want to sink into a state of avoidance, easily intimidated by everything and so rigid that I break. And because past my comfort zone is growth.

This week I’m reflecting on this question, on the question of “how do I know when it’s best to cross my own boundaries or honor my natural needs?”

As I do, I’m brainstorming various questions to help me navigate self-care and make the best decisions for me. Some of these may be repetitive, but I think of them as tasting different flavors of the same food:

  • Will this help me grow in positive ways?
  • Will this lead to long-term well-being?
  • What potential lessons can I learn?
  • Am I playing small because my self-doubt is convincing me to (and I’m all ears)?
  • Am I seeking short-term safety at the expense of long-term blossoming or growth?
  • Will this challenge my body or hurt it?
  • Am I being honest with myself about what I truly need?
  • Is this taking self-compassionate responsibility or am I choosing to swim in self-berating blame?
  • Am I doing this because someone said I should or because I think it’s truly helpful?
  • Will this rejuvenate or invigorate me?
  • Does it bring profound happiness or joy?
  • Does it contribute to my deepest desires?
  • Is it creatively satisfying?

The more I contemplate my self-care practice, the more I realize that while it includes blissful relaxation, it also includes challenging myself. It includes challenging myself to move beyond my comfort zone, with small, self-compassionate steps.

And I only choose to move this way if it helps me grow and blossom.

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