What if instead of berating your body all day every day, you thanked it (at least once or twice, here and there)?

What if you stopped fighting your body? What if you stopped seeing it as an enemy or obstacle?

What if instead of criticizing yourself for certain stumbles, for any stumble, you led with self-compassion? What if you forgave yourself and moved on?

Margarita TartakovskyMargarita Tartakovsky is an associate editor at PsychCentral.com, an award-winning mental health website, and the voice behind Weightless, a blog that helps women deal with body image issues and disordered eating. She also writes a monthly feature for Beliefnet.com, covering topics such as patience and procrastination.

Editor: Nadeem Noor

What if you started meeting your needs?

What if you started attending to your cravings?

What if you stopped weighing yourself? Totally, completely stopped.

What if you picked exercise solely based on how it made you feel? What if you picked exercise based on its level of fun (call it a fun quotient versus the number of calories burned or pounds shed)?

What if you stopped hanging out with people who put you down, who thrive on negativity, conflict, gossip?

What if you started writing about your feelings, expressing your pain on paper? What if you started getting curious about your feelings, instead of condemning them, or yourself?

What if you defined what beauty, failure, success, satisfaction and health look like for you? On your own terms?

What if you trusted yourself?

What if you relaxed your fists? What if you unclenched the tight hold you have on everything?

What if you saw yourself as deserving?

What if you saw yourself as powerful and capable of so many incredible things?

What if you treasured yourself?

What if you saw yourself as a priority, as the roots of your family tree? Because you are. It starts with you. If you are nourished, you can nourish others, including your partner, your kids, your other family members, your friends.

What if you believed these words? What if you said them to yourself every morning?

What if you listened to your voice (the voice that speaks when no one’s listening, the one that whispers to you at night and first thing in the morning before it’s influenced by other sounds throughout the day)? What if you shared your authentic, true voice with others?

What if you embraced yourself? What would you do? How would your life change? What would your days look like? How would you feel?

Courtesy: PsychCentral

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