Adapt to the stressor: How you think about yourself has a profound effect on stress levels. Every time you have a negative thought, your body reacts to it. Regain your control by changing your attitude and expectations from stressful situations. Reframe your problems by viewing the stressful situations in a positive way. Look at the bigger picture by taking perspective of your stressful situation. By adjusting your standards you stop setting yourself up for failures by seeking perfection. Perfectionism plays a major role in stress. Therefore, set reasonable standards for others as well as for yourself and teach yourself that “good enough” is also acceptable.

Accept the things you cannot change: Some stressors and sources of stress are unavoidable. It is difficult to change or prevent a stressor such as a serious illness, national recession or the death of a loved one. In such cases, the best coping way is acceptance. Accepting may be difficult, but if seen in the long run, it is easier to accept then to be stuck in a situation you cannot change. In our lives, many things are beyond our control especially how other people behave. In these cases, focus on the things you have a control over such as the way you react to these problems. When facing a major challenge, look at these situations as an opportunity for personal growth. If your decisions have contributed to a stressful situation, learn from your mistakes by reflecting on them. Accept the fact that people are imperfect and they make mistakes. Learn to forgive by letting go of your anger and resentments and moving on. Keep things in perspective by practicing gratitude and appreciating life.


Make time for fun and relaxation

You tend to handle life stressor’s better when you make time yourself and the activities you enjoy doing. Include relaxation and rest in your everyday schedule. Make time for your leisure activities that brings out the positive and creative side in you. Your sense of humor also helps your body fight stress. Make a list of healthy ways to recharge and relax and recharge and implement these ideas each day.

Maintain balance with a healthy lifestyle

In addition to exercising regularly, also include other healthy lifestyle choices that increase your stress resistance. By eating a healthy diet, you prepare your well-nourished body to cope better with stress. By reducing your sugar and caffeine intake you are less likely to experience the temporary "highs" of caffeine and sugar that lead to a crash in energy and mood. You are more relaxed and you sleep better. Often people self-medicate with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes to escape from stress but this relief is only temporary. Masking or avoiding the issue at hand leads to further problems therefore deal with the problem head on. Not getting enough sleep also increases your stress and makes you think irrationally.


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