Last week, I shared examples of loving ways to treat our bodies. Today, I’m sharing a list of sincere and kind acts we can perform to show ourselves some much needed love. Because, yes, we do deserve it.

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  1. Listen to beautiful music as you take a shower or as you’re falling asleep. We recently listened to a soothing symphony on YouTube, and I’m not exaggerating when I say, it was magical. And I slept like a baby. Think about how you can make your getting-ready routine more relaxing or pleasant or even fun. Think about what you need in order to rest and sleep well.
  2. Write a love note to your body, thanking it for one thing. One thing that your body has done for you today or yesterday or ten years ago. One thing that’s meant the world to you. Or write a note to a body part you love or like, and mention why.
  3. Make your bedroom into a sanctuary—whatever the word “sanctuary” means to you. This might be a bedroom filled with bold, bright colors. Or it might be filled with grays and light blues. It might have images of the ocean or quotes you find incredibly inspiring. There might be a stack of books by your bed or just one notebook, which is your journal. You might have fresh flowers or fresh plants. You might simply rearrange your bedroom or pull your favorite items from other rooms or treat yourself to a few new things.
  4. Think about one thing that’s been upsetting you. Think about how you can make it better. Maybe that means talking to the person who upset you (being honest, calm and polite). Maybe that means seeing a therapist to work through the problem. Or maybe it means closing your eyes, putting your hands on your heart and processing the pain right here, right now.
  5. Bake a batch of your favorite heart-shaped cookies (or cupcakes!). You might want to try this yummy-looking cookie recipe or this cupcake recipe.
  6. Think about one emotional, mental, physical or spiritual need you have. Then ask yourself: What’s the kindest way I can meet this need? And do that today.
  7. Reach out to someone you really trust, and have a heart-to-heart conversation. About life. About struggles and self-doubts. About what you miss. About what you love. About the truth. Be sure to listen intently to each other. One of my favorite things to do is sit around a table and chat with close friends. These are the times you laugh with your whole body and talk about what’s really on your mind. No doubt these moments feed our souls.
  8. Journal about a mistake you made. Big or small. And like you would with a loved one who made a similar slip-up, accept it and try to forgive yourself. Realize that you can embrace yourself even when you’re messy and imperfect. We do this every day with our kids, our partners, our parents, and our friends. Try to direct that kindness toward yourself.
  9. Make a list of words that encapsulate self-love for you. Maybe it’s words like curiosity, connection, openness, gentleness, and respect. Then think about actions you can take that help you be more curious, connected and open with yourself. Think about actions you can take that are gentle and respectful to you.

I hope you’re having a lovely, loving week! ?

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