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Gratitude or Attitude – The right food for your Body?

An article written by Hira Shahid:  In the first place, when our figure appearance is unwanted, we ...
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12 Ways to Become Proud of Your Body

Whether you’re constantly worried about your weight, busy bashing your body or, from time to ...
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Body Image Booster: Take Action!

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project featured the following quote on her blog: “Action may not always be ...
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30 Habits & Beliefs That Hurt Your Body Image

Last week, I wrote about 30 habits that can help improve your body image every day. Today, let’s ...
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7 Ways to Appreciate Your Body Without Changing Your Appearance

Here’s what is so awesome about appreciating our bodies: We don’t need to wait until ...
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Attributional Style and Depression: How Your Explanations Influence Your Mood

Several weeks ago I took my four-year-old son camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area ...
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Looking for a Baby Name?

I’m fascinated by the process of choosing a name for an unborn baby. Do you ...
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