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Do You Suffer from Scale Addiction?

Food addiction's not the only addiction for dieters. For many, weight loss is a traumatic affair, and one ...
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What Lurks Behind Your Obsession with Food and Emotional Eating

I used to think that preoccupation with food stemmed from liking food too much or ...
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Avoidance in OCD: It’s Never the Answer

One of the common ways that people deal with anxiety is through avoidance. Afraid to fly? Well ...
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Bipolar and the Art of Communication

My husband has suggested I write a book. This book would not be the Great ...
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Breaking the Cycle of Shame and Self-Destructive Behavior

Shame is: “I am bad” vs. “I did something bad.” Shame involves an internalized feeling of being exposed and humiliated. ...
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Avoidance as Solution ……. Think Again

The Use and Misuse of an Avoiding Style in Conflict Management When using such a conflict ...
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Taxonomy of Avoidance

When certain emotions tend to upset us in life people automatically want to get rid ...
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