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The After Story of a Beating

An article written by Murk Qazi:  In the underlying years of life, a Child’s reality exclusively spins ...
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Three vital behaviors to adopt when your child bullies you – the do’s of parenting

An article written by Amna Nawaz:  Raising a child never has been an easy task, especially in ...
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Struggles with Shyness as a Child and How It Can Affect You as an Adult

Jennifer recalls how tough it was to be an only child. Her grandmother would always ...
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Five Telltale Signs Your Child is a Budding Perfectionist

I once met a young man who had had many successes in his youth. He ...
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Can Listening to Music Help Your Child with Language Development and Reading Comprehension?

As an adult, you probably have preferences when it comes to listening to music while ...
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Parent Abuse by Teen

Parents — just like anyone else — can be abused by a child or teenager. ...
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Is Your Adult Child a Narcissist?

What not to do (that you’re probably doing). Whether or not your child is a narcissist—and ...
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How can I handle my disrespectful children?

One of the most frequent complaints that parents of teenage children bring into counseling is ...
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