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Managing Chronic Pain

A surprising treatment for chronic pain I have a small cohort of patients who suffer chronic pain so ...
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Attitude and Action: Changing to Improve Pain Management

Changing your attitude or plans may help you reduce your dose of pain meds. The majority ...
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Pain in the Family

Chronic pain touches many more people than just the individual in pain There are approximately 116 ...
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Mindfulness and Chronic Pain

The non-drug alternative to a major reason for drug use. We tend to think that mindfulness meditation is a ...
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Psychological Nutrition: A New Prescription for Chronic Pain

A discussion on non-pharmacological interventions A patient in chronic pain wants their pain gone. Perhaps this is easier ...
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Using Mindfulness with Opioid Addicted Chronic Pain Patients

Mindfulness can be used as an alternative treatment method for chronic pain. In March 2016, legislative ...
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Living with Chronic Pain and Depression

About 50 percent of people who have chronic pain also have depression, according to Robert D. Kerns, ...
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Chronic Pain and Depression

It was about a year and a half ago now when I first heard from ...
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The Ineffectiveness of Opioids for Chronic Pain

The Ineffectiveness of Opioids for Chronic Pain Let me first say that I am not a ...
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