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Cultivating the Seeds of Compassion, Conscious Connection and the Self

You are not alone In the Buddhist wisdom traditions there is a teaching about the three ...
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Thinking About Craving

It's so basic, but it's not easy to understand. I have been thinking a lot about ...
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Recovery from Boredom

Craving an interesting life During the long trek toward sustained sobriety, persistent and sustained boredom is ...
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4 Ways Childhood Maltreatment Creates Adult Drinking

Emotional and physical abuse and neglect create four problem drinking patterns Somewhere south of a sunny childhoodare ...
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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Online Shopping.

Could your online shopping habits be a problem? Nowadays, online businesses always seem to know what we ...
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5 Easy Tools to Resist the Urge of Bad Habits

Learning tools from substance use treatment can help us all make better choices. Urge control is ...
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Three Phases of Addiction.

Getting high, avoiding the low, and craving. Tobacco, alcohol, stimulants, opiates, and marijuana are all capable of leading ...
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Craving Management in Weight Management

Controlling Weight by Managing Craving Craving is an intense desire to get something immediately. It is ...
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PICA (When what you crave is not fit for human consumption)

Pica is an eating disorder that involves the consumption of substances that have little ...
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