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Feening for a technology fix!

Technology - The midnight snack that consumes you! Imagine this, you wake up in the middle ...
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The Surprising Differences Between Dieting & Not Dieting

Our society is used to viewing diets as no big deal. If you need to ...
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Strategies For Listening To Your Body

When you have a bruised body image, you’re probably used to ignoring your body. Or ...
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Experimenting with Self-Compassion

One of the hardest things about building a healthier relationship with ourselves is changing our ...
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Other Ways to View Your Inner Critic

Last weekend I wrote about taking a business-like approach to dealing with our inner critics. Because I’ve ...
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Taking Exquisite Care of Ourselves

The last few days I’ve  been cleaning my house. Vigorously. Our family is visiting from ...
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We read three types of books in life. First type is related to course materials. ...
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